The new Aibot X6 V2

Focus on the job, not the flying.

The newly developed Aibot X6 V2 enables a complete array of new and improved functions that make the copter easier to control and safer. Moreover the new hard- and software technology offers a broad spectrum of adjustment and expansion possibilities.

Aibot X6 V2

Key features

  • Fully automatic take-off and landing
    Take-off and land by just using one switch.
  • Highly configurable flight-characteristics
    Customizable behaviour to perfectly suit your needs.
  • Training mode / Geo-fence
    Virtual safety-zone or geo fence and minimal flight-altitude for maximum protection.
    The Aibot X6 cannot leave this zone to prevent damage to people and the environment.
  • Dynamic POI (point of interest)
    Set POI directly while flying. The Aibot X6 will automatically maintain the alignment towards the POI.
  • Enhanced safety features
    Different fail-safe modes: lost of RC-signal / low battery voltage.
    Start prevention system (low battery voltage / tilted position recongition).
  • Standardized interface for new sensors like RTK GNSS transmitter
    New modular design enables the integration of many kinds of sensors.