UAV adding value to a mining operation.

Mining UAV Aibot X6 mapping a mine site

In the past few years, UAVs have become an essential part in many industries and are of increasing importance in the mining sector as well. Aerial data generated by UAVs is bringing innovations throughout the whole mining business and is reshaping the way companies survey mine sites – for a fraction of the cost. With their potential of vertical lift-offs and precise data-capture, using various sensors, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are an excellent working tool for mine operators, and are more and more being demanded by the mining industry.

Using an UAV to prevent bottlenecks

Running a mining operation is about efficient exploration and extraction of rare material. Finding new deposits and developing plans to produce the most yardage at the lowest cost can be the fine line between loss and success in the mining business. Modern technologies like industrial UAVs with their potential of carrying various sensors like high resolution cameras, thermal infrared cameras and multi-spectral sensors are therefore becoming more and more demanded to prevent costly bottlenecks.

Enhancing production: Quicker, safer more versatile

Use cases for an industrial UAV in the surface mining industry reach from exploring new territories to measuring and mapping production sites as well as performing volume calculations with accurate point clouds and 3D models.

UAV can be a valuable add-on to:

  • Mine site mapping
  • Exploration planning and developing
  • Calculating mineral recources
  • Stockpile mapping
  • Haul route optimization

Maintenance & monitoring

A good part of managing a mining business consists of monitoring infrastructure and environment to prevent costly downtime and health risks. As mine sites often extend over several square miles and conventional inspections take days, can be hazardous and potentially shut down the mining operation, equipment inspections consume valuable time of the short mining season. Industrial UAV carry out visual inspection tasks from a safe distance and don’t need more than a few hours – while the plant is running at full capacity.

UAV can be a valuable add-on to:

  • Monitoring and impact reporting
  • Capturing information from difficult to reach and potentially dangerous locations
  • Erosion detection
  • Inspection of mining equipment like conveyors, pipelines etc.

Multi-spectral imaging for surface mining

To get the most precise information and data about vegetation and the mine site’s environment, sensors like a multi-spectral camera can be mounted onto the Aibot X6. By doing this, ore deposits can be explored by aerial mine surveys.

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