Inspection of high voltage power lines

inspection high voltage power lines


Inspection of overhead power lines with an intelligent flight platform results significant cost benefits in contrast to conventional systems (helicopters, industrial climbers, etc.)

  • Cost reduction because of lower personnel and operating costs
  • Reducing the inspection time
  • Improved quality due to high resolution images and different visual approach
  • Increase the safety due to unmanned flight platform and no danger to the staff

Field of application

  • periodic checks
  • estimation of damage, detailed analysis of network error, etc.
  • analysis of grown plants around the routes
  • planing path

Flight characteristics and system operation

  • easy control of the copter
  • vertical takeoff parallel to the mast with stable flight characteristics
  • GPS positioning for photographs
  • if necessary separate user interfaces for UAV and camera
  • safety features: anti-collision, coming home in the event of losing the radio link
  • battery level monitoring with automatic flight initiation and resumption of the flight inspection
  • automatic distance control
  • automation of the inspection process

Recording techniques

  • high resolution digital images
  • thermographic images for hotspot detection
  • ultrasound
  • an image processing method for evaluation of error images

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

  • electric fields
  • magnetic fields
  • pulse fields

Detailed inspection images

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