High-precision data with Aibot HP GNSS 2

Aibot HP GNSS 2 is the all-new RTK and GNSS solution for the Aibot X6 Version 2. Designed and developed in cooperation with Leica Geosystems, Aibot HP GNSS 2 comes with an updated GNSS receiver providing highly precise RTK positioning or ability to log raw data for post processing. 

▶ Aibot HP GNSS 2

HD quality images with Aibotix Ai DLVP

The Aibotix Ai DLVP is the latest development of Aibotix for live analysis of sensor data, designed for professional tasks in the field of industrial inspection and monitoring.

▶ Aibotix Ai DLVP

Your professional UAV for mapping, surveying, inspection and agriculture

The Aibot X6 V2 represents a new generation of flying robots, specifically developed for demanding tasks in surveying, industrial inspections and industries such as agriculture and forestry. The robust, reliable hexacopter is easy to fly and generates high quality data that can be processed in many ways.

▶ Aibot X6 Version 2

Transmit live images in HD quality during your inspection missions

▶ Aibotix Ai DLVP

Capture aerial data everywhere with your UAV Aibot X6

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Get georeferenced thermal orthophotos with the new standard sensors

▶ Aibot X6 Workswell WIRIS 640

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