The UAV talent for all sensors

Aibot UAS – Sony Alpha 7
Alpha 7
Aibot UAV – On-top camera
Aibot UAS – Nikon D800
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Aibot UAS – Thermal Imager
Aibot UAS – Prepared for all sensors
Prepared for
all sensors
Aibot UAS vorbereitet für alle Sensoren

Accuracy, flexibility and safety

With the Aibot X6, you can generate high-precision data from the air. Quickly, efficiently and safely.

Exact navigation
and precise data

Easy orientation

Maximum collision

fully integrated

Control manually
and via GPS

Fully automatic take-off
and landing

Dynamic setting
of waypoints

Position hold function

Automatic return

Reliable minimum

High payload of
up to 2 kg

Prepared for
all sensors

Seamless interaction of hard- and software

The optimal workflow arises as a result of a perfect interaction of hard- and software.
Our clients can confirm that.

"The Aibot X6 UAV has proved itself in many cases, because of its great range of applications. It optimally complements our core competencies, Engineering Surveying and Hydrography."

Benjamin Busse
Engineer's team Trenkle

"The UAS solution Aibot X6 provides amazing results. Open up new horizons!"

Andreas Gelhausen
Bauer & Gelhausen, publicly appointed surveyors

"The copter is small and can easily fly around areas that are otherwise difficult to access, like zones located high above water or areas inside pylons."

Martin Boldt
Hamburg Port Authority

"In the Aibot X6, we see an innovative product with major potential benefits for our business segment."

Paul Zachoval
Austrian Power Grid AG

"The hexacopter images show cable damage in great detail and enable us to make decisions quickly on the appropriate actions."

Maik Neuser
Westnetz GmbH

"With the Aibot X6 we can generate highly accurate data and produce multiple analyses with little time and expense."

Markus Prechtl
ing Traunreut

"It’s crazy how much time we save by using the multicopter."

Magnus Myhre
Asker Oppmaling AS