Aibotix flight school and UAV Training: Learn how to use the full potential of the Aibot X6 hexacopter.

Learn to use a professional UAV right: Aibotix UAV training

Aibotix training & service

As a manufacturer we provide best-in-class service and training for all UAV pilots working with the Aibot X6.

UAV flight school for UAV professionals
Personal training when accomplishing first flights.

Our international team of trainers offers pilot trainings in Germany, the United States of America, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Australia and Mexico.

Our service team offers professional service in Kassel, Germany. We work together with our worldwide partners as well as with the Leica Geosystems organisation.

Learn how to become a UAV professional
Training from UAV professionals for future UAV professionals.

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Aibot X6

More information about Aibot X6 UAV and how the multi-sensor platform can make your business fly.

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